Statement of Purpose

The Columbia Leather Order, Inc. is a pansexual Leather/Levi club consisting of persons of any sexual orientation who share common goals and interests and gather to share in fellowship and community service.

The supporting of charitable causes is fundamental to the existence of The Columbia Leather Order, Inc. We support others in times of need and choose to stand together as brothers and sisters of the leather subculture.

We strive to represent the concept of community and to exemplify fellowship and harmony between the people regardless of their gender, race or sexual orientation. We support only safe and mutually consensual adult activities.

We value honesty, integrity, honor, and take pride in who we are.

Born: April 10, 1963

Received his angel wings: January 11, 2013

Peter “Niko” Sirignano:

Mr. Sirignano was born on April 10, 1963 in Brooklyn, NY and passed away on Friday, January 11, 2013.

Mr. Sirignano was a 4th Degree Member with the Knights of Columbus, Council 724. He was a volunteer coach with the Special Olympics where he started the Bocce team and expanded the bowling team to what it is today. He also started the Joseph F. Sirignano Foundation which raises funds to help assist with sports education programs for Special Olympics. He was a very loving and kind father and was very generous and giving to the homeless and many other charities.

CEO/Chairman at Joseph F Sirignano Foundation

Columbia Leather Order under new name – January 6th 2013

Founding Members:

Master Niko



Tia (Currently Inactive)